The Roles and List of Chatacters in The Blood Of a Stranger

Role and List of Characters in The Blood of a Stranger

1. ROLE and Character analysis OF MALIGU in The Blood of a Stranger;

Maligu is the king advisor, he is refer to as the wise one because he is educated, he has lust for riches, maligu is one who say everything he sees, an attitude kindo doesn’t like because it amounts to not having “backbone”, Maligu is greedy and has an overambitious personality

2 ROLE and character OF SOKO in The Blood of a Stranger;
Soko is the village shrine priest league with Maligu to deceive the king and community with false prohecy in respect of the coming of a white man to Mandoland, soko is false, full of deceit and treachery, he is a “sincere liar” and very greedy, Whitehead calls him funny witch doctor because of his queer disposition.
He is a coward; despite his tough proposition on how to acheive their goals, he frets when it matters most: “i am not interested in getting money if there are too many dangers.”

3. Role and character analysis of WARA in The Blood of a Stranger
wara is a stranger in mandoland too but has lived there long enough to detest being called stranger, and She is also in love with Kindo, She not born in Mandoland, her mother was taken prisoner by one of mando’s warriors during the war; her mother ran away after giving birth to her.
Wara cautions kindo form doing anything which will anger the spirit, Wara is the only Kindo’s woman that will be sexually assaulted by Whitehead. Maligu and soko lot abduction into a sack and then take to whitehead’s compound. she fortunately escapes.

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4. ROLES and Character analysis OF KINDO in The Blood of a Stranger
kindo is the son of the king and head of worriors of mondoland; a hunter and heir-apparent to the throne of Mando, Kindo is an upright defender of Mandoland; he is willing to defend his culture and his people even his own hurt. He is very young and only a boy when he fought in his first war.
Kindo is very sensitive instincts; feels evil in the air easily – very sensitive to a crooked situation, He is an ambitious character he is sturbborn and also impatient; Loves and protects the custom of his people, Kindo is boastful and keeps a dossier on people, He can speak reasonably like a wise elder. He is regid and unnfeeling; More concerned for the safety of his people.

5. Roles and Character analysis of SANTIGI MANDO V in The Blood of a Stranger

santigi mando v is the king of mondoland, father of kindo, He is an upright and a observer of traditional law and cultural norms. Santigi Mand V is manipulated into admitting a stranger into his domain, His rigid sense of justice propels him to banish his son, kindo from his land for killing parker.

6. Roles and Character analysis of PARKER in The Blood of a Stranger

Parker; Parker is an african who is the secretary, assistance, interpreter, adviser and the right hand man of whitehead, Parker often serves as whitehead’s voice and solicitor advocate, he hates Maligu and does not trust him

Role and character analysis of WHITEHEAD in The Blood of a Stranger

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Whitehead; This is the arrow head of the crisis in the play; every evil and a schemer. Whitehead is a crass, greedy, dictator who arrogantly believes he can deceive the entire land into granting him access to its diamond.
whitehead lies to the king and is people that he is in mandoland to cultivate tobacco.
He dies in the hand of kindo

Sima; Another warrior of Mandoland

1st Man
praises the white man when his people are under the influence of head drug and gin spirit drink

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