Analysis of Patience Swift’s The Last Good Man

The Last Good Man by Patience


Sam is a loner, but he likes that. He enjoys his own
company, and the company of nature. His life is shaken up when he finds a girl
washed up on the beach. He takes her in and looks after her. Isobel is also
alone, back in the village to deal with her mother’s estate. She has been looking for love that she has
read about, but without success. She crosses Sam’s path too, and things start to look up. Sam takes
in the two ladies and his life changes for good.
This is a short book. It is descriptive and enjoyable. It is
an easy read, with short, simple sentences. The book flowed and was a lovely
read, even though it is a tragic read. It is beautiful read. Swift writes
gorgeous characters, and wonderful scenery. Sam was sweet and caring. Isobel
was vulnerable, with a troubled streak. The girl is silent, but was happy and a
lovely read.


 DEATH: In the book “The
Last Good Man”, the theme of death is one of
the key prominent. The author “Patient
swift” uses the theme of death to
drive home her point and also to open another facet in her literary work. The
book opens with the death of a man in the sea. Subsequently, the death of
Isobel’s mother was mentioned and
more so was the death of Isobel’s
father that in turn reconnected us back to the Sam’s father that died in the sea and also his mother
that eventually followed. The theme of death in the book was crowned at its
tail end with the unfortunate death of Sam.
theme of loneliness finds its expression in each and every character featured
in the book. Sam’s loneliness
got to the top that he didn’t have a
choice that he started talking to the ‘living
furniture’ in the house. Sam was so
lonely that when birds fly in is roof he finds himself communicating with them.
Isobel was not left out as she lived an isolated live devoid of parental care,
love and affection. These we clearly saw in the book when Isobel left her home
in her teenage age. More so, it was recorded in the book that loneliness and
the want for attention meticulously claimed the life of Isobel’s mother, Isobel’s
father and Sam’s mother.
The little girl was not spared from the state of loneliness as she got her own
portion in the abandoned resources of loneliness this was seen in the book when
the little girl was abandoned to die in the sea without anybody to talk, play
with or befriend.
theme is basically outstanding in the book as we see individual (man) trying to
fight against society norms and society in turns fight back. Isobel was treated
with scorn because she dares to go against set standard in the society .this
she did when she disobeyed her mother constituency by hanging out with friends
in odd places and reading odd books. When fought back, Isobel had to leave the
village in search of a common society that will accommodate her gestures. Sam
on the other hand fought against the society and against the machinery of the
state when the state fought back it led to Sam’s death.


Sam is very huge, He alone at the sea side. His life changes
when Isobel and the silent girl came into his life. The book revolves around him,
as he is a round character.
Isobel, is a girl from a broken home that lacks marital bliss,
open communication and companionship. A product of divorced couples, she embarks
on a search for true love that she has so passionately read about from the bookshelf.
The lost Girl
 She is a nine-year old
girl who is the unfathomable mysterious element in the novel. She was found by Sam
on the beach, half dead. She is a silent intruder.
Marion is Isabel’s childhood friend who got married to a local
fisherman. She is happily married with 3 Children.
setting of the book is basically traditional and remote in its analysis in
other words the book uses the traditional literary setting in a spurious
manner. The location of the book is founded on a village platform which is
rural area.
The point of view used in the book is basically a third person’s perspective/omnificent point of view this we
clearly saw in the book as the author tried to distant her involvement in the
characterisations by so doing the author made us to not only to see what she
sees but also what she feels in cause of writing the book. Although at the
ending, it tends to be a mixed up or a prose argon [point of view argon].  
a narrative technique that keeps a reader in a turbulence state or desirous
state of wanting for more. This device was perfectly used by the author in
other to drive home her point of keeping her readers on their toes for the love
of the love of the book. Each character used in the book were placed in such a
way that the readers squeak to know what will happen next to either character A
The novel has a plethora of symbols that presents level of deeper
understanding and interpretation of work by any critical analysis..They include
The image of the sea and it’s complete supremacy against the
will of man.
True love is seen as unattainable ideal, no matter how we
pust to shove and acquire it.
Nature is seen therapeutic remedy for troubled soul while the
staggered life of disillusion and communality is seen as a draw back to the
health and the soul. Sam was fine living by himself, for himself until he got
involved with human society and civilization.
The language is easy, vivid and strong narrative of
presentations of events and picturesque of places like the side of the sea
where Sam’s home is situated.
Narrative Technique
The story is told in two narrative forms : third person
narrative style and first person narrative techniques towards the end part of the
.This is done for a more dramatic effect and attempt to create a distinctive
style for the author.

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